Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can You Be Gay and Christian? The Answer is Yes!

Can you be Gay and Christian?  The answer is YES!

Those who say “NO” are usually not gay.   I grew up in a Christian home.  My mother was our church’s youth leader.    If I had not been gay I too would have had the stance of “Love the sinner but hate the sin.”  I would have believed in the literal translation of the Bible.  It was in my angst and pain as a Gay Christian that I searched out the truth and prayed to God for guidance. 

I began this quest by reading What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality.  I highly recommend this book.  It points out that the verses in that use the word homosexual were mistranslated.  At the time of the Bible being written the word “homosexual” did not exist.  It was first used in the King James version.  The writers of the King James Bible, including William Shakespeare, explained in its original preface that this was not a literal translation but the most beautiful translation and that they had used creative license.  The verses in the new testament, written by Paul, that have been used against Gay Men and Women were really referring to pedophilia (the common practice of older men using young boys for sexual pleasure) and the use of this behavior in the temples of the gods. 

The story of Lot and his family is in reaction to Men who wanted to rape Angels that were staying with lot.  This was the common practice in the Middle East during the time to degrade another male (as is often seen in prisons today) and not gay relationships and or sexual activity.  The verses in the Old Testament that claim that it is an abomination also warn that eating shell fish, mixing certain foods on your plate, eating pork, and mixing certain types of fabrics are an abomination.  It also states that men should not sit in a chair that a menstruating woman has sat in and that menstruating women should go out to the Walls of Jerusalem.  Christian men and women are no longer following these guidelines today and would find them ludicrous in our daily lives and culture. 

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